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You want to make sure that your aquarium is placed in an area that will be comfortable for you and your fish. There are a few simple rules for finding the best place for your aquarium.

If you want to place your aquarium in the room of your house, there are certain things you need to consider. 

1. The weight of the tank can be a major factor in deciding how to place it in the room. It is important to consider where the tank will be positioned, the type of lighting needed, and the placement of tables and shelves around. Aquariums weigh a lot more than you’d think. Water is very heavy – around 1kg per litre, which means that the water in a rather modest 40L aquarium will weigh around 40 kilos! Add to that the weight of the aquarium itself and other contents like gravel, decorative rocks and ornaments and you have an item which needs careful planning as to its position in a room and proper furniture used to support it. That’s a lot of heavy stuff! If the base of the tank is not properly supported, there’s a chance that it could fall and cause serious damage or injury.
2. Aquariums need to be kept in an area where they will have access to enough light and space. This means that you should not put your aquarium in a windowless area.
3. You should also find a place that does not have a lot of reflections. This will also cause stress for the fish.
4. Make sure your aquarium is away from direct sunlight.
If placed too close to a window, an aquarium can develop significant algae problems. Algae can become an issue if an aquarium is exposed to too much light.
5. Make sure your aquarium is away from sources of sound, such as speakers, TVs, and other household electronics. Your fish may be startled by a loud noise.

As you begin working with your aquarium, there are a few simple rules to follow to get the most out of it and keep it healthy and safe for your fish.


You must decide what type of fish you want to put into your tank before you actually acquire your first fish. There are many different kinds of fish, and deciding which one is right for you will take time and research.


A fish tank is a wonderful centerpiece for any room. It is also the perfect spot to showcase your fish and beautiful underwater plants. But to make sure they are well taken care of, you must invest in proper maintenance equipment for their survival. If you need to keep your fish alive and healthy, you will require several items that are needed to keep your water clean and your fish healthy.


There are a few simple rules for finding the best place for your aquarium.